Wednesday, August 26, 2009

edible play-do

I saw this done on Jon and Kate plus 8 like 6 months ago. So i decided to make it finally. My kids loved it. Austin pretty much just ate it instead of playing with it.

all it is, is egual parts of:
powder milk
creamy peanut butter

Mix it all together. And let the kids enjoy.

chicken wings

My husband taught me this recipe. But i think almost everyone makes them the same way.

1 lbs chicken wings
1 bottle franks hot sauce
4 tbps butter
deep fryer

Heat the fryer to 375*. In a sauce pan melt butter and hot sauce together. Salt and pepper wings to taste. Add to fryer until done and crispy. When done put in pot with the sauce leave in for about a minute. Then enjoy. If you are making alot heat the oven to 200* and keep the wings warm until you are ready to eat.